Vijay in talks with exhibitors association
The Nadigar Sangam Chief Sarath Kumar and its secretary Radha Ravi has given their helping hands to Vijay to sort out the issue between the powerful exhibitors association. The issue became a headache to the actor, when a section of theatre owners held a press meet and blasted Vijay as his Sura failed miserably, causing the loss of Rs 6.5 crore to them. At that time they had demanded that he does a film for them as compensation.

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But the actor didn't react for that and kept his cool. It was at this time on the request of the star that Sarath and Nadigar Sangam stepped in and sorted out the issue amicably.

The grapevine has it that next Vijay release Kavalkaran, will be given to theatres who suffered huge losses at low price. Vijay himself is said to be doing the film at reduced rates, so that all concerned can be compensated.

It is said that the exhibitors also accepted the new deal and dispersed with satisfaction.


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