Vikram ready to host TV shows

Vikram, who is enjoying every bit of appreciation he has been receiving for ‘Raavanan’, has come out with en explanation as to why he is not hosting any television shows, like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan doing in Mumbai.
“I am amused when people ask me why I am not hosting a game or talk show. Because, things are totally different here when compared to Mumbai. When an actor hosts a television show here, people will write him off,” he says.
Saying there is a general perception down south that actors who don’t have any offers in films will come to television shows, “If people are ready to change this mindset, I have no issues in compering a TV show.”
On the feedback generated by ‘Raavanan’, he says, “Amazing. The pains we underwent while making the film have been paying rich dividends now. A big thanks to everyone.”


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