Director’s pat for Lineage’s actor

If at all, everyone believed that misfortune would result in severity of the process, newcomer Arulnidhi wipes out such beliefs and that makes director Pandiraj adore him.
Directors pat for Lineages actor
Both filmmaker Pandiraj and newcomer Arulnidhi cannot stop singing praises for each other. It was illustrious during the recent press meet about their pat for each other. Says Pandiraj: 'Right on the first day of shooting, Arulnidhi met with an accident and there were calls that the project would have some sort of problems as it marks a misfortune. But Arulnidhi broke through those barriers ardently working day and night. Changing his shades from city boy looks, he has done a marvelous job as a village guy…'
On his turn, Arulnidhi mentioned that Pandiraj was quite lenient towards his mistakes during shots and that urged him to seek more on terms of perfection.
Just as TFPC president admitted that the film's shooting has been completed at a time span of 85days, director Pandiraj has won the praises of his producer and entire team.


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