Forever Sivaji

He is one of the legends who cast his magic spell on Tamil cinema for 50 years. There is no Tamil actor ever – then and now even in future – could live and be successful without inheriting some of his DNA codes. Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan is the man who inspired the careers of almost all the present generation actors. Even Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan proved their mettle to enter films by reproducing Sivaji Ganesan's dialogues in films. There is no actor who has not recited his dialogue for his first offer.

Such was the impact his films had on their generation. Though he walked in style, smiled in style, wept in style, one important factor that contributed to the success of Nadigar Thilagam was his dialogue delivery. The thespian's voice and diction trained actors in dialogue delivery in films. The rise of Dravidian movement that used films to propagate its ideologies was a boon to actors like Sivaji Ganesan and MGR who spoke the language with impeccable accent and style.
The authority of Sivaji Ganesan's dialogue delivery was recognized even before his first Tamil film 'Parasakthi' was released. Sivaji himself lent his voice to Mukkammala Krishnamurthy, a Telugu actor, for a Tamil film, Niraparathi before Parasakthi. Later when Sivaji excelled from the court room in 'Parasakthi' arrived one of the greatest actors of all time in world cinema.
'Parasakthi' is a trend setter. It was after 'Parasakthi' started the trend of a film's dialogues printed and sold separately like film songs book. Though the dialogue writers can also take credit for it the actors who gave life to the words also share equal credit. Of all the films whose dialogues were made in book forms nearly all of them happened to be Sivaji Ganesan's films.  It may not be wrong to say Sivaji's dialogues in 'Parasakthi' took the fans away from Tamil films that used to have 15 or more songs each.

Sivaji Ganesan with his extraordinary memory and powerful voice could fascinate his fans with long spells of dialogues in pure Tamil. He said once “dialogue for me is poetry. I have a passion for poetry. And so, there was no problem for me in rendering it effectively.”
If we look at his films from the perspective of the time in which they appeared we can safely conclude there can be no equal for him in dialogue delivery. Rightly he was given the title 'Simmakkuralon' by his fans. Sivaji knew when to shoot up and when to tone down to achieve maximum impact. Be it historical films like 'Veerapandia Kattabomman', 'Manohara', or mythological films like 'Karnan', 'Thruvilaiyadal', or civilized socials like 'Parasakthi', 'Thangappadhakkam' Sivaji has shown the range existed till then.
Today when dubbing has become a high-tech sound engineering, it's enlightening to recall the sheer magic of Sivaji who could recall his entire stretch of dialogues with the same emotions with which it was delivered 6 months before. So was the passion and so was the talent.

It has been nine years since Nadigar Thilagam passed away. But the charisma of the legend continues to sway film maniacs.
Here are some of the immortal dialogues of Nadigar Thilagam 'Simmakkuralon' Sivaji Ganesan to replenish your good memories. It's a proud offer from RAAGA.COM.


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