Friday Fiesta 02.07.10

The first Friday of the second half year starts on a not so sizzling note with only three releases adorning the theatres. Ambasamuthiram Ambani, Veluthu Kattu and Pournami Nagam are all small films but with some big names associated with them.
Ken Media 'Ambasamuthiam Ambani' is the second attempt of Karunas's after his successful attempt in 'Dindugal Sarathy'. It is considered minimum guarantee as there isn't big expectations of a bog film and Karunas has already proved himself in a similar subject before.

'Ambasamuthiram Ambani' is about a simpleton who nourished his own dreams of making it good in life. After the death of his parents, a villager comes to the city of Chennai with high hopes and big dreams to big like the Ambanis. But he wants to achieve success on fair terms only.
Navneet Kaur palys Karuna's heroine and the comedy segments are handled by Livingston and the late Cochin Haneefa. Other important stars in the film are Kotta Srinivasa Rao, R.Sundarajan, Mayilsami, Oorvasi and Nirosha. Music is by Karunas and the songs are good. Particularly watch out for the song "Poo Pookum Tharunam" which are already on top of the charts.
Star Makers 'Veluthu Kattu' is a product of director SA Chandrasekaran. It is directed by SAC's former assistant Senapathy Magan. 'Veluthu Kattu' a village story about a guy who ventures out of his village to impress his girl is shocked at the eventual turnaround of events when he returns. The film raises the curiosity by being produced by SAC and SAC claims the film is out of incidents that happened in his real life. Music is by Barani. SAC's son Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay has pitched in with his support in promotional designs of the film.

Bharath Cine Media 'Pournami Nagam' is a super natural thriller with item specialist Mumaith Khan playing double roles for the first time. This film is a remake of Telugu hit 'Punnami Nagu'. 'Pournami Nagam' is about a snake's revenge. A male snake is killed by some poachers while is performing the holy dance as a Jodi in front of Shiva to snatch a ruby and the survived female snake takes the form of a woman and takes revenge. Mumaith Khan plays both the snake girl and the avenging girl. Karunas and Adhithya Menon play important roles. It is directed by Yaar Kannan who already has a name for super natural thrillers. It must be a good offer for the people who like this genre.
There was a small budget Tamil film 'Veeran Maran' which had announced the release today did not make it. Also there is a dubbed movie called 'Sivappu Vilaku' on this Friday. As the name suggest it is a shady film trying to cash in with some colourful advertisements in print media. Another two sleaze movies 'Andharangam' and 'Unarchigal' were also slated for this Friday but did not make it.


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