Friday Fiesta - 30 July 2010

The last Friday of July is another sleepy Friday with no anticipated film releasing. Of the previous releases Thilalangadi has withstood not so good reviews and continuing its march. Angadi Theru completed 125 days and others like Paiyaa, Singam, Kalavani, Raavanan and Madrasapattinam still have viewers.
As in many Fridays of this year there is a mix unknown straight Tamil and dubbed ones. To be precise there are three straight films and two dubbed ones. All of them are much delayed releases and none of them raise any expectation.
Angel Film International ‘Thambi Arjuna’ is a country love story on the strengths of women who have destroyed many empires for love. It is directed Vijay Anand who was an associate to Arun Pandian. Vijay Anand claims to be a fan of Ram Gopal Varma and says his film will do the talking for him. Dheena has scored the music.
Thambi Arjuna stars Ramana, Malayalam actor Feroz Khan, Aashima, Sharmila, Bala Singh, Suman and Ganja Karuppu in prominent roles. Ramana who was last seen in Nayagan says he has worked hard for a good film. 'Sivaji' villain Suman fights Ramana here.
‘Aaravathu Vanam’ produced by Thyagarajan under the banner MPG Films International should have been released in March but is releasing after many postponements. The story of 'Aaravathu Vanam' is said to be based on a real incident where an entire village vacated their lands for the sake of a young couple to succeed in their love, according to the director Bhuvanesh. Bhuvanesh was a long time associate of K. Bhagyaraj and Parthiban.
'Aaravadhu Vanam' lead stars are Kannada actor Bhushan and Vidhya from Kerala and Bose Venkat. Hari Babu makes his debut as a music director
Yuva Entertainments ‘Ilakkana Pizhai’ is the third straight Tamil film this week. Though not much is known about the film the publicity materials claim the film to be ‘Uyir-Part-2’. So obviously we can imagine the plot of the film.  ‘Ilakkana Pizhai’ directed by debutante Govindaraj has all new faces in almost all domains. Aarumugam, Sathya, Suvathisri, Rehana are lead actors. Arunagiri is the music director.
'Avalin Unarchihal' is a dubbed movie from a 2008 Hindi flick called ‘Wafaa’. The terribly out dated film is about an aged millionaire who gets married to a sex-starved airhostess. The girl, however, marries him not for love but for his money. She hooks up with her lover, the family chauffeur, to bump off the rich husband. But the old man returns alive and everyone thinks him to be an imposter. The police are brought in and truth prevails. Director of the film is one Rakesh Sawant.
But the shocker in the film is that the almost ineffective husband role is played by none other than the former super star Rajesh Khanna. Don’t frown upon yourself if an image of 60’s romantic Rajesh Khanna crossed your mind if you happened to watch this film by mistake.
'Marmakugai' releasing this Friday is the dubbed version of the 2009 British horror film 'The Descent Part-II'. A sequel to the 2005 horror film 'The Descent'. This film is reaching India after a straight DVD release in US this April.
'Marmakugai' is about five friends out on adventure in the Appalachian Mountains of North America where they are hunted by carnivorous humanoid creatures. There are cops and rescue workers who are out to save them. The film is directed by Neil Marshall.
Next month August will be filled with Endhiran and more 'Endhiran'. Though it is said 'Endhiran' will release only in early September many phobic producers are definitely going to hold their films till Endhiran rule gets over. So far no big releases have been scheduled for August.


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