Hansika Motwani to tattoo a nanga lady

Indian actress Hansika Motwani, who learnt the language of Tamil, to make herself establish in Kollywood is thinking to go for a tattoo soon. Hansika Motwani loves her mother a lot and takes her as an inspiration. It is reported that the actress is going for a lot of research on the internet, to zero on a tattoo. There is news that, Hansika will be tattooing a symbol, which is unique and showcases something related to her mother and motherhood. Speaking to English news daily, Hansika reported that she is going for a tattoo at Hakim's Salon in a few days time and wants something, as a tattoo, which resembles her mother.
Hansika Motwani to tattoo a nanga lady
The salon people gave her the idea to go for a nude lady symbol, which will be engraved on her back and symbolizes woman with substance in every aspect. The clothe less woman will also resemble a womanly aspect and will also, to some extent; help Hansika get her mother's resemblance.
A cloth less woman may be a fun to all males, by basically, it symbolizes a womanly facet of the earth.
Hansika Motwani to tattoo a nanga lady


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