Ilaya Superstar Vs Young Superstar

Sounds pretty peculiar, isn't? When actors find it difficult to name their films, it's so cool as cucumbers for them to get crowned with interesting titles. 'Ilayathalapathy', 'Chinna Thalapathy', 'Puratchi Thalapathy' and 'Super Star' mania: Here the clash between Dhanush and Silambarasan opens up as both carry the same titles, but in different languages.
Ilaya Superstar Vs Young Superstar
The best lollapaloozas of present league of actors aiming higher to claim 'Superstar' title have been Dhanush and Silambarasan.

got himself prefixed to a title of Little Superstar from the times, he donned minimal roles as child artist. Recently, he literally modified his title as 'Young Superstar'. On the equivalencies, we find the fans of Dhanush addressing him as 'Ilaya Superstar'.
Ilaya Superstar Vs Young Superstar
Is it again, a way to battle ground?


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