Know Interesting 10 things about Vijay's Personal life
Vijay is not very particular of any food. He eats whatever is given. Whenever he gets free time he can be seen in the kitchen making dosas.

Whenever Vijay is tensed or mood out, he relaxes by seeing comedy scenes. He has a good collection of DVDs in his car and house.

Vijay has not learnt dancing from anyone so far. He does not have the habit of rehearsing for the dances in his films.

Vijay is not short tempered. If at all he loses his temper he will slowly shout and the next moment he will become cool. He has the habit of apologizing immediately.

Vijay does not like to scold the workers in his house. Even if they commit a mistake, Vijay is of the opinion that they should not be pointed out in public.

Vijay has the habit of lying in the floor at his house without pillow after doing tough dance or risky fighting scenes.

Vijay gives top priority in aiding the needy for education.

Vijay is a fan of latest car. He will be buying the latest car which arrives in the market. His all time favourite car color is black and all is cars are of black Color. The numbers are also fancy.

Right from the age of fifteen, Vijay has the habit of self serving himself with food. Once he serves himself, he will not go for the second serving.

Whenever Vijay is invited for the preview of the films which has new faces in the cast, he will not comment on the mistakes but will appreciate the positive things in the film.


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