‘Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu’ ready to hit theatres

Director AMR Ramesh of 'Kuppi' fame is ready with this next venture, 'Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu'.  Ramesh won critical acclaim for 'Kuppi', made in a sensitive manner depicting the lives of suicidal bombers.  'Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu' is a film based on a real-life happening which took place in Bangalore involving a Tamil family, he informs.
Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu ready to hit theatres
A family residing at a Police Quarters went missing in Bangalore a few years ago. Ramesh's 'Kaadhalar Kudiyiruppu' seeks to look elaborately into background of the causes of the disappearance of the entire family and the events which unfolded later on. "We have shot the film in real locations and are happy that the Censor Board has cleared the film with an 'U' certificate sans any cuts," he says.
The film, which was initially titled as 'Kaavalar Kudiyiruppu', was later changed in to 'Kaadhalar Kudiyiruppu'. The change was effected after consultation with many journalist friends of him, the director admits.
Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu ready to hit theatres
The film, which is all set to release in August, has several highlights. " We have shot a riot scene that took place in Bangalore during the Babri Masjid demolition in the nineties. In the backdrop of the script, the riot plays an important role in taking the story forward. Newcomers Anish Tejeshwar and Shruti play the lead roles while actress Saranya Ponvannan also plays an important role in the film, which has been edited by Anthony.


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