Latest film cameras launched in Chennai

Film making in Chennai is never going to be the same again. With cutting edge technology available at the doorsteps film makers never had it so good. At the CINEMA TODAY exhibition held in Chennai recently two path breaking digital cameras were launched in Chennai for the first time.
One is the much awaited Compact, ergonomic and lightweight on one hand, robust ALEXA with ARRI’s legendary reliability. ALEXA’s new Super 35 format sensor delivers amazing images with a base sensitivity of EI 800, low noise and an unsurpassed dynamic range of 13.5 stops. ALEXA is introduced by Anand Cine Service
Te other one is Phantom Flex camera in Chennai. Flex is new age camera, developed by high-speed photography specialist Vision Research of the U.S. and billed as the world’s most flexible, digital cinema camera. The Phantom Flex is said to goes beyond HD and supports 4 megapixel imaging when the ultimate in image resolution is required. Sterovision has brought this to India.
At the launch of these cameras many stalwarts from Kollywood including Director Dharani, Cameramen Ravi K Chandran, Arvind Krishna, Vijay Armstrong, Actors Prashanth, Venkat Prabhu, STR, Krishna, Nakul were there for a live demo of these gadgets. In the end they were thrilled to see there exists some things like these.


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