Maddy Doesn’t Want to Be an Idiot

Maddy Doesnt Want to Be an Idiot
For the past couple of days, it's been a town flooded with excitements and jubilations as the greatest actors were reported to be coming together for the remake of '3 Idiots'. By nature, when multi-starrers aren't preferred in Kollywood, Vijay-Simbhu-Maddy coming together churned out high-spiritedness amongst everyone.
But on regretting part, Maddy has confirmed straight from his shoulders that he will not be repeating the same act of his magnum opus in these upcoming remakes. The actor seems to be quite busy occupied with his other projects for the long schedules in coming months and that has been conveyed as the exact reason.
It was before months, Madhavan had openly admitted that he doesn't prefer repeating the acts and now has convinced his fans that the makers will replace a finer actor for his role.


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