Malavika to become mom again

Even as reports doing rounds that Malavika is set to start her second innings in acting, reliable sources say the actress will not don the greasepaint at least in the near future thanks to a valid reason.
"Malavika, who is already the mother of a boy child, is pregnant again. She is expecting delivery in a few months. As a result, she has politely refused some offers from the film industry recently," sources said.
Saying that Malavika might come back to acting after giving birth to the second child, they however maintained that it would take some time. "Because she wants to take good care of her kids on her own."
Meanwhile, the actress has tattooed the name of her son Aarav on her hand. With the first letter 'Aa' in Devanagiri script and the remaining in English, she is proudly showing her hand to her friends these days. Magic of motherhood, one can say.


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