Nadunisi Naaigal – Gautham Menon Next Movie

Nadunisi Naaigal   Gautham Menon Next MovieA thriller that is currently being directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon has got an interesting title. If sources are to be believed, the filmmaker has named his movie 'Nadunisi Naaigal', meaning midnight dogs.
The film which has Sameera Reddy and newcomer Veera in the lead is a new-age thriller that is technically superior when compared to movies in this genre currently being made in India, sources say.
"Gautham, who is always keen at bringing in new formats and techniques, has followed a very unique approach in 'Nadunisi Naaigal'. The film will set a new trend in Tamil cinema," they maintain.
Confirming this, Sameera says, ""It's quite experimental in terms of treatment and characterisation. I can say it's something Gautham has never attempted before. If you go to theatre with some expectations, and then, sorry, you will be dumped with surprises."


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