‘Endhiran’ on September 3rd

Even as news about Shankar’s approval to direct the Tamil, Telugu remakes of Hindi '3 Idiots' is still raging there was some media reports that hinted his ambitious Rajinikanth film 'Endhiran' may not be released in August as told by the super star himself.
News floating today is almost confirming it. The new release date for 'Endhiran' could be September 3 according to some sources in Shankar’s office.
Though there is no reason given for the postponement, it may be due to the enormous number of prints that will be generated for a worldwide release. In India alone 'Endhiran' is expected to strike 800 screens across the country. Japan and Chine will get 120 prints and for other global markets 160 prints are expected to fly. That means 'Endhiran' will have around 1500 prints in release and that will make it one of the biggest films of the world ever.


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