Shyam becomes an action hero

Shyam has donned the role of a sensational police officer in the film Thillalangadi presented by Sun Pictures. Shyam has changed his chocolate image to action hero. While speaking to the media recently, he said," From the films Lesa Lesa and 12B, all the roles which I did were soft. So I wanted to come out of this image.
Shyam becomes an action hero
Now Thillalangadi has changed this image. I have donned the role of a police officer. Normally all the heroes who have donned the role of a police officer have been received well by the audience. I was also received well. Though I have done the same role in the Telugu film Kick, the role I did in Tamil was something new to me. I have got the action hero image now.
I think this action stamp is required. Many have asked me about acting with another hero. Though Jayam Ravi is acting in this film, my role has significance. In Bollywood, all the films there will be two or three heroes. Even Sharukh Khan has acted with one or two heroes. Even in Tamil cinema this trend is catching up. This is a healthy trend. In Telugu after Kick I have become very popular.
Now I am acting in a film titled Hare Rama Hare Krishna which is being directed by Malli. I will also be acting in two more films. With regard to me becoming a producer, I have not become a full time producer. I am co-producing a film titled Agam Puram with Thirumalai. I am donning the role of an action hero. This film will give me another identity.
The songs have already become hits. This action film gives importance to sentiments. Meenakshi is pairing with me. Many are asking me that why I have not become a leading actor in spite of my talents. I don't have background. If I had the background I would have produced many films and would have done the lead roles. I am little sad that I did not have the opportunity to do so."


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