Sun Pictures keen on getting Hari’s next film

Sun Pictures keen on getting Haris next film
It has now been officially announced that the film 'Singam', starring Suriya and Anushka, directed by Hari, is a rousing success at the box-office. Sources at Sun Network say that 'Singam' has turned out to be the biggest success till date of all the film so far distributed by Sun Pictures.
Kalanidhi Maran, who runs the Sun Network, is said to be so impressed by the work culture and style of work of director Hari that he has already instructed his staff to negotiate with Hari to take over the distribution rights of the next film to be directed by him as well?
The shooting of Hari's next project might begin from August, sources close to him say. The film might star Dhanush in the lead. Neither the title nor the heroine of the film has been finalized as yet but this hasn't deterred Sun Pictures to decide to procure the distribution rights of the film.
Nothing succeeds like success, don't' they say?


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