Thillalangadi Music Review

Banner: Sun Pictures, Jeyam Company
Production: Editor Mohan, Kalanidhi Maaran
Direction: Jeyam Raja
Star-casts: Jeyam Ravi, Thamannah, Shyam, Vadivelu, Santhanam, Mansoor Ali Khan, Prabhu, Livingstone, Thyagu, Sathyan, Mayilsamy, Deepu, Suhasini, Nalini, Lakshmi, Latha Rao, Chandra Lakshman, Lollu Sabha Manohar, John Vijay, Balaji, Jayaprakash and Raja
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Rajashekar
Art: Milan
Action: Rocky Rajesh
Lyrics: Vaali, Na. Muthukumar, Vivega
Thillalangadi Music Review
Last time, we had 'Jeyam' Ravi and Yuvan Shankar Raja coming together was for the film 'Deepavali'. Doubtlessly, the chartbusters in this album is still aired across FM Stations and indeed it has gained the best title as 'evergreen melodies'. This time, the duo combo hasn't come up such an impressive show as most of the songs have loud music. And for those, who have heard the splendiferous songs in Telugu version 'Kick' songs scored by Thaman, this one may not interest them to a greater extent. Jeyam Raja seems to have insisted his lyric writers to translate the Telugu lyrics, which literally sounds like a disappointment as the lyricists' touch misses at many parts. The songs 'Poota Paathadhom' and 'Idhayam Karaigiradhey' carry the same tunes of original version 'Kick'.
1. Ding Dong
Vocals:Vijay Prakash, Naveen
Having engrossed us to a greater magnitude with A.R. Rahman's 'Hosanna' and 'Veera', the fantastic is back with a peppy number. It looks like Vivega has just lifted few lines from original version 'I don't want Love' from 'Kick'. Even the kind of composition is same as the Telugu song as the kids' chorus and few lyrical lines sound similar. On the positive side, Yuvan has tried spelling some good instrumentals on guitar and beats.
Thillalangadi Music Review
2. Sol Pecchu
Vocals:Yuvan Shankar Raja, Chitra and Shreya Ghosal
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Yuvan seems to have spent quality time over scoring brownie points with the instrumentals. On pars, he has seemingly inherited the DJ tracks of foreign discotheques as the very rhythmic style is revealing. Yuvan's part of vocalism reminds of his yesteryear number 'Eno Un Kangal' in 'Kalvanin Kadhali'. Chitra gets more scope and she carries her part well with excellent rendition. The visuals are promising as Jeyam Raja has used uniquely mind-boggling camera techniques.
3. Poota Paathadhom
Vocal: Suchitra
Yuvan Shankar Raja could have done it with his own style. The original tune 'Dil Kalase' from 'Kick' has been replicated. Yuvan had previously twitted that Raja wanted the same tune as it's just a background score. Suchitra has crooned the song with a different intonation as her usual style is missing. Sounds like this song marks the reintroduction of Ravi and his other avatar that'll be quite surprising….
4. Memory Loss
Vocals: Kailash Kher, Ranjith
Lyrics: Vivega
'A…AA…E…EE… OO..OOO…Ai' – the song carries the traits of 'Memory Lossu' from Telugu as the beats and lyrical lines share the similarity. Except Kailash Kher, there is nothing special to mark on this song as the lyrics are too hackneyed.
5. Pattu Pattu
Vocals:Silambarasan, Manasi Scott
Lyrics :Na. Muthukumar
The only cherry-pick of this album with Silambarasan and Manasi Scott coming up with best parts… Just as it was felt with the first song, Yuvan has deliberately used the techno beats of DJ genre. The flip side of this song is that overdosed computerization fails to deliver the exact voice of Silambarasan. Obviously for the first time you hear this song, it doesn't sound like Simbhu's vocalism.
Thillalangadi Music Review
6. Idhayam Karaigiradhey
Vocal:Sri Vardhini
The song is nothing but recalling the original Telugu version with the transliterated lyrics of Vivega. It's a sentimental song as the protagonist laments over the fate of innocuous children as they're left in deplorable situation.
7. Thothu Ponen
Vocal: Shankar Mahadevan
The song starts with fast-beats that faintly reminiscences 'Sarakku Vacchirukken' of 'Shahjahan'. Shankar Mahadevan takes on the song with his charisma and Vivega's lyrics about aspirational lines are outstanding. For sure, this song alone sounds to be a different one as it doesn't correlate itself with original version.
On final notes, Yuvan Shankar Raja doesn't strike gold this time with 'Thillalangadi'. None of the songs stand out to be on his style. With two songs being lifted from the original version and other songs carrying lots of lyrics from Telugu, listeners may be considerably confused over grasping the lyrics.


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