Vikranth becomes a father

Good news to all Vikranth fans. Vikranth has moved into paternal bliss today. Vikranth's wife Maanasa has delivered a baby boy today July 23. The proud father was elated as he heard the news.
Vikranth married Maanasa in Chennai on 21st October last year. Maanasa is the daughter of cameraman Hemachandran. She was also a TV artiste for some time before marriage.  Vikranth is the cousin of Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay and nephew of Vijay's mother Shoba. They are expected to visit Vikranth and Maanasa soon to bless the new arrival in the family.
Vikranth who was introduced in the movie 'Karka Kasadara' in 2005 is still very active. His recent film 'Goripalayam' got him rave reviews.


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