Vivek is ‘Girivalam’

One of the new rules in Tamil cinema is that, not just comedians, but names of the characters they play should also evoke laughter. Sticking to this new trend, Vivek is playing a police constable named Girivalam in 'Bhavani'.
"Since 'Bhavani' is a police story, Vivek and director Kicha felt that the comedy portion should gel well with the main plot. Hence they conceived a humour track in which Vivek plays Girivalam, a policeman," sources say.
Saying that the comedian appears with a Charlie Chaplin moustache in this new role, sources add: "Almost all the scenes involving him will tickle the funny bone with the one at a tea shop being the highlight."
It is to be noted that Vivek played a head constable named Erimalai in the recent release 'Singam'. Earlier, he played a cop role in 'Anniyan', named Chari, which however had shades of seriousness too.


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