Dhanush’s wedding wishes to Divya


Even three years after they acted together in 'Polladhavan', Dhanush and Divya Spandana share a very good friendship. And they are in constant touch with her, thanks to the modes of communication the modern world has in store.

Recently, the actress tweeted on her micro-blogging page that she shot for a wedding scene in one of her upcoming films. She wrote on her profile that she didn't know how many times she has been married (in movies).

Reacting to this, Dhanush, who is very active on internet and regularly replies to almost all the tweets he get, said, "You got married??!! Lol! Wish you a happy married life and my condolences to the boy."

Tweeting back wittily, Divya Spandana said, "You didn't marry me in 'Polladhavan', so I got married in this one. Kedi!!! I will keel you! Whoever marries me is the most fortunate, blessed and luck person! Poda!" Long live their friendship!


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