‘A’ for Aadhi

Even as his producers and director predict that Aadhi would soon make it to the A-list of Tamil cinema, titles of the actor's upcoming films, interestingly or incidentally, start with the English alphabet 'A'.

His next three releases will be 'Ayyanar', 'Aadu Puli' and 'Aravaan', all starting with 'A'. "It is a sheer coincidence. Even I too was not aware of this till one of my friends pointed it out," says the actor.

Heaping laurels on Aadhi, son of popular Telugu producer Raviraja Pinisetty, director of 'Aravaan' Vasanthabalan says, "Aravaan means an all-powerful person, who possesses 32 features in him. He is capable of doing anything. Aadhi is tailor-made for the role since he is the Hrithik Roshan of Tamil cinema."

Echoing him is P L Thenappan, producer of Aadhi's other film 'Ayyanar'. He says: "Aadhi is sincere and hardworking. He would surely become one of the biggest heroes of Tamil cinema. Ayyanaar would establish him as a mass hero."


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