Gowtham Menon’s ‘Sherlock Holmes' from Apr 2011

Gowtham Menons Sherlock Holmes’ from Apr 2011

First in book, later on screens: the mania of 'Sherlock Holmes' has been completely inevitable as it swings persistently over the top of global charts. Needless to mention, the recent release of 'Sherlock Holmes' had swept with record-breaking collections across all centres…

The buzzes on air are Gowtham Menon's 'Thuppariyum Anand' will also be based on similar plot of detective-thriller set in backdrops of 1920s. It's about a smart, intelligent detective and his assistant involved in a mission of trapping serial killers. But the process involves certain magical constraints as well.

If what we heard from the closer sources is believed to be true, British model Amy Jackson, who shot to fame with 'Madharasapattinam' maybe signed for the female lead role. Earlier, Gowtham Menon wanted to take off with Ajith Kumar playing the lead role, but has now declined with his interests over working with him.


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