How Sruthi selected music?

Like father like daughter. Proving this is Sruthi Hassan, who too is a multifaceted personality like Kamal Hassan. Among the various fields in which she is skilled, her favourite seems to be music however.

Going down the memory lane on how she landed up in music, the eldest daughter of the Ulaga Nayagan says, "I started learning music when I was in school thanks to a bizarre reason. It was all because of mathematics."

"Maths was always the toughest subject for me in school and my mom used to worry a lot when I get low marks in the subject. One fine day, our school offered music and architecture as alternatives for maths. I blindly selected music," she says.

"From then on, I started loving music and it has become a passion for me. Thanks to dad, I composed music for Unnai Pol Oruvan. And one happier thing is, I am ready to restart my rock band again," says Sruthi, who is sharing the screen space with Suriya for '7am Arivu'.


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