Junior NTR – Nandamuri Balakrishna: Sms jokes

Junior NTR   Nandamuri Balakrishna: Sms jokes
Names of Junior NTR and Balakrishna are now being used as a butt of a joke and have replaced the name of Sardarji in the recent set of mobile sms. Till date, many jokes, which were circulated in the mobiles, had Sardarji as the funny person in lead. Now the "babai n abbai pair" is being targeted. Here are the top 6 jokes on Junior NTR and Nandamuri Balakrishna.
Jr. NTR: Babai my mobile balance is exhausted, plz recharge my mobile.
Balaya Babu: no probs, abbai, switch on ur Bluetooth and I will fwd my balance.
Jr. NTR: IIT ki opposite word yenti Babai
Balaya: UU coffee Ra
jr. NTR: Uncle what is the name of ur newly constructed college
Balaya: it is 'Balayya Medical College of Engineering'
Jr NTR: Uncle did u say I LUV U to anyone.
Balaya: I said it on the sets to many, but they responded as 'I 2 luv u' and I was thinking, who the 2 are.
Jr NTR: wat babai, did u purchase a new chair?
Balaya: no abbai, when I went to an audio release function, they said to " Take Ur seat' and so I brought it home in my land rover
Junior NTR: babai, y did u not run in the race, when the referee counted 1 2 3 start.
Balaya: my number on T shirt was four and so I was still waiting for my turn.


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