Kamal happy about ‘Magizhchi’

Kamal Hassan, who had always advocated the cause of blending literature with cinema, has expressed happiness that eminent writer Neela Padmanabhan's novel 'Thalaimuraigal' is being made into a film as 'Magizhchi'.

"It's my longtime wish that celebrated novels be made as films. I am happy that Gowthaman has come forward to film Neela Padmanabhan's much acclaimed 'Thalaimuraigal'. He is a great writer whose work should be celebrated by one and all," the veteran actor said.

He added: "Literature should be mixed with cinema. Only then meaningful movies could be made. Kudos to Gowthaman and his team for his honest attempt. I am literally happy about Magizhchi." Expressing gratitude to Kamal, Gowthaman, who is also one of the lead actors of 'Magizhchi', says, "It is a movie for everyone. This is one novel that impressed me and I read it over and over again. I actually spent 12 years writing the screenplay for this movie."

Director Seeman and Prakash Raj have played crucial roles in this movie. Anjali and Karthika are the two heroines. According to the director, Vidyasagar's music plays such an important role that it has taken the form of a character in the film.


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