Kamal in Malayalam after 20 years

For Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, Malayalam film industry is close to his heart. Because during his transition period in the 70s it was Malayalam films that formatted this great.
Kamal Haasan's last major Malayalam film was 'Chanakyan' directed by TK Rajeev Kumar in 1989. Now after 20 years Kamal Haasan will be seen in Malayalam in a film 'Four Friends' directed by Saji Surendran.
Kamal Haasan plays a cameo as himself and all his portions will be filmed in Chennai itself. 'Four Friends' features Jayaram, Kunchakko Boban, Jayasuriya and Meera Jasmine as major casts and Kamal Haasan in his cameo comes at a crucial juncture of the movie.
Scripted by Krishna Poojappura, this youth flick narrates a story about three friends who are in a journey to search for one of their lady love of the past. The film is also said to have a remix version of the Hindi song ‘Yeh dosti hum nahin chodenge’ from ‘Sholay’.


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