Naan Mahan Alla - Movie Review

Banner: Studio Green Films
Production: K.E. Gnanavel Rajan
Direction: Susindran
Actors: Karthi, Kajal Agarwal, Jaya Prakash and others
Dialogues: Bhaskar Sakthi
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Camera: Mathi
Editing: Kasi Viswanathan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, Yuga Bharathy, Francis
Stunt: Anal Arasu
Art: Rajeevan
Choreography: Sabeena Khan, Baba Bhaskar
Production Manager: Anthony
Co-Producers: S.R. Prakash Babu, S.R. Prabhu!Naan_mahan_alla_album.jpg

Expectations were literally bigger than before as Susindran and Karthi joined hands together. These personalities share a common history of success in film industry and together they have outmatched their previous films now. 'Naan Mahaan Alla' top notches on every arenas as it holds a powerful theme and technicians glistering at their best. The film creates a lump in your throats with its serious subject and you'll walk out of theatres with an intense emotion.

What starts as a passable entertainer turns into a gripping crime-thriller during second half. Hats off to entire team as they deserve praises for their earnest efforts and brilliancies.

The film focalizes on the increasing crimes in Chennai and how it disturbs the lives of innocuous people leading a peaceful life.

Jeeva (Karthi) has a picture perfect life with caring parents (Jayaprakash, 'Eeram' fame Lakshmi), affectionate sister (Priya of 'Singam' fame) and supportive friends. His life is filled with absolute happiness when Priya (Kajal Agarwal) comes across his life. Marked by abrupt transitions, Jeeva's life undergoes a wild change as the dark-crude side of Chennai has other plans for him. The emotions and perplexities are now on hi s playing cards. Jeeva is now forced to handle the situations, in a way he never expected. On the pragmatic contexts, the film touches the increasing crime rates in Metropolitan City of Chennai.

Naan Mahan Alla Movie Review

Karthi showcases ne plus ultra performance and gets under the skin of his characterization. It's a relief for those, who felt his role was incisively exaggerated in 'Paiyya'. What is sure to surprise you is the fact that it doesn't boast of any stunts till the climax. For the first 100minutes, the film strides with spanking narration of fun, frolic and romance. However, Susindran makes sure that audiences are provided with a clue right on the prologue about what this film is all about. The point of conjunction by involving Karthi's character has been well designed by the filmmaker.

The most highlighting attribute of this film is the crisp and crystal-clear narration. Susindran makes sure the audiences are not dragged back and forth with fluctuating tempos. The 130mins of drama keeps you adhered to screens.

Karthi excels with his charismatic appeal and deserves special mention for his stunning performance in action sequences. Even his hilarious mannerisms during first half are enjoyable. Kajal Agarwal looks bubbly, cherubic and shares a great chemistry with Karthi. Jayaprakash continues striking gold at his performance level while Lakshmi deserves same praises for her acting. 4 youngsters (one of them looks identical as younger boy, who played Suriya's role in 'Nandha') are excellent on their part.

Naan Mahan Alla Movie Review

Technically, Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical score is the biggest asset as his Midas touch on background score enhances the visuals canned by Mathi. The cinematographer has completely changed his pattern from 'Paiyya' and emblazons the screens with different touch. Kasi Viswanathan's editing is sleek and neat.

Stunts choreographed by Anal Arasu are far beyond excellence. The action sequences moves you to the edge of seats. It's nice and realistic to see the baddies being more dominant than an ordinary guy in these stunts.

As on whole, 'Naan Mahaan Alla' isn't just an entertaining film, but a hardcore reality that has been prevailing amongst the people in contemporaneous city of Chennai.

We wish Susindran to keep his thumbs up and producers are sure to take a cake walk. It's yet another precious stud in Karthi's career.

What works: Almost everything, the plot and screenplay, performances, technical panoramas

What doesn't work: Missing a duet song 'Oru Maalai Neram' from Yuvan's bank

Verdict: Just outstanding. Must watch it

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Kollywood Young and handsome hero Karthi's latest much waited film 'Naan Mahan Alla' has completed its censor formalities recently and was given ‘U/A‘ certification with minor cuts by the Regional Censor Board. The movie was released from August 20th.


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