Nil Kavani Sellathey Music Review

Banner: Imagine Creations
Cast: Jagan
Direction: Anand Chakravarthy
Production: Anand Chakravarthy
Music: Selva Ganesh
'Nil Gavani Sellathe' is the second venture of Imagine Creations who gave the brilliant 'Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu'. This film is a horror thriller and the music is dramatically different from their earlier village sport film.
'Nil Gavani Sellathe' is about four characters caught in a mysterious life threatening situation on the road. As the friends try to help each other to come of the dangerous situations they become worse to handle. The movie is directed by K. Anand Chakravarthy who also plays a lead role along with Dhansika.
Music is by Selvaganesh. This is his third film after 'Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu' and 'Dhrohi'. Selvaganesh has done a decent job by being loyal to the genre. All the songs are of less than four minutes duration and so they must aptly fit in to the situations they are placed ion the film.

Artiste(s): Karthik, Premji, Brodha V. Kalpana, Sri Madhumitha
An enjoyable break-free youthful song with foot tapping rhythms. All elements in the song are kept at a minimum and that is persuasive. The singers have also done a great job. The variety of instruments and their usage reminds of Ilaiyaraja's eighties.

Paarvai Undhan
Artiste(s): Vasundhara Das, Sricharan
You get to hear the lively Vasunthara Das after a long time. Her style and approach is as good as ever. This number flows softly and melodiously and the beats catches you fast. Flashing raps spice it up. The entire song has a lovable attitude. Pick of the pack.

Vaanam Yengilum
Artiste(s): Ranjith, Vijaynarain
This song is a road rhythm accompanied by heavy guitars. A little philosophical lyric is well handled by Selvaganesh. Again a lot of places remind Ilaiyaraja's peak day's percussions. But no grumbles.

Nadamadum Sudukada

Artiste(s): VV Prasanna, Krishna Iyer, Rashmi Vijayan
This song sounds like a vengeance number to confront some ghostly creatures. Must be a character relevant song in the film. Interesting rhythms does its job of suggesting a dark world.

Nil Gavani Selladhey
The theme track is scary as expected. Drums and wind makes you fear for life. The climax strings gives relief. The film may also have the same feel, we guess.
A short, sweet and interesting album from Selvaganesh. He must have strictly adhered to the requirement of the script and has done a commendable job.


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