Pandiraj comes to city

After making his first two films as rural subjects, Pandiraj is now targeting the city. The 'Pasanga' and 'Vamsam' director's next venture, which he is expected to start soon, will be set in an urban backdrop.

"There will be all modern aspects, right from trendy costumes to guns, in my forthcoming film. At the same time, the human element which is a quintessential thing of my movies, will also be there," he says.

On 'Vamsam', which will hit the screens this Friday, he says, "Violence is not the backdrop of the film as predicted by many. It is a beautiful story told in an interesting way. The lead pair Arulnidhi and Sunaina has worked hard."

Expressing gratitude to producer M K Tamilarasu, the filmmaker says, "But for him, I couldn't have made Vamsam in the way I wanted. He gave me immense freedom and never had he interfered in my work."


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