Pony Verma speaks out

"I love Prakash Raj. And I love his children too," says Pony Verma, the new woman in Prakash Raj's life. The Bollywood choreographer, who married the actor-producer a few days ago, is happy about the way her life is changed.
"When I met Prakash Raj, he was out of his first marriage. I too was single then. What started as friendship slowly matured into love. I know his children very well and I love them a lot," she says.
It is to be noted that Pooja and Meghna, the two daughters of Prakash Raj, attended the wedding reception of their father with Pony Verma and posed together with the couple for photographs too.
"Ours is a healthy relationship. And I want it to continue forever," Pony says. Prakashraj was previously married to actress Lalithakumari but they got divorced due to difference of opinions. He tied the knot to Pony on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


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