Poorna proud to being like Asin

Poorna proud to being like Asin

Poorna while speaking to the media said," Wherever I go many are enquiring me whether I am Asin. They shake hands with me. It is good matter to resemble a talented heroine. Even Vijay when he met me in a function told that I look like Asin.

I felt like flying. Asin herself told me that I looked her and laughed. It is a great thing to be near Asin. Many are asking me where I had gone all these days. I have come now. The film Naran which I am acting now will earn a good name. These days it is a great thing if the heroine gets two songs and four scenes.

Director Aadhi has given significance for my role. Any heroine will like to act in this role. I am also acting in Vithagan, Arjunan Kadhali and Droghi. I am really happy about this. With regard to glamour, I will definitely act. But I will not exceed my limitations. Moreover my physique will not suit glamour. The audience should come to see the actresses face and not her body."


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