Priyanka’s feelings on acts the wife of seven men

Priyankas feelings on acts the wife of seven men

In Vishal Bharadwaj's murder thriller 'Saat Khoon Maaf', Priyanka Chopra gets to play wife to seven men. While one would have thought that her character in the film is freaky bold and adventurous, ask Priyanka who played the role. For it was not a rosy journey all the way shooting it…. For instance, the actress was quite nervous when it came to shooting romantic scenes with veteran Naseeruddin Shah, who is the oldest of her seven husbands.

Incidentally Priyanka had worked with Shah earlier in 'Asambhav' (2004). Since then PC had high regard for the actor, so much that she said to have been nervous to do the love sequence with him.

Moreover, when Shah returned to the shoot after his brief illness, PC was feeling all the more uneasy. But Naseer put all her fears completely at rest by turning up very energetic and went on inspired her to give their best shot.

Priyanka was gung-ho about Shah's performance and said that her initial apprehensions were done away with the shoot. On the other hand Naseer stated that since her 'Asambhav' days Priyanka has evolved as an actor.


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