Producers seek newcomers and low-budget movies

Of late, Kollywood producers appear to have fallen on a strategy where in they prefer to sign up newcomers in their films who charge low fee; even if the film does an average business, the producer can laugh the way to the bank. The producers feel it's better than opting for big heroes/heroines and incurring huge losses.

By doing so, the producers are able to complete their films in double quick time, as the newcomers don't throw tantrums or cause call-sheet problems. Leading heroes like Vijay, Ajit, Vikram and Suriya ought to be paired against top heroines in Tamannah, Asin, Trisha and Nayantara. This, obviously, costs the producer a huge sum of money and brings with it a tense situation for him.

Producers seek newcomers and low budget movies

Reports say that Tamannaah has recently come into the 'Re.1 crore' bracket. Though Nayan is not having the best of times, she too doesn't charge less than Re.1 crore. The second string of actress, too, doesn't accept anything less than Rs.50 lakhs per film.

Producers seek newcomers and low budget movies

In order to check-mate them, the producers and directors seem to be opting for an increasing number of newcomers. Though the trend has been there for many years, the pace has picked up in the past year. The debuting actress doesn't charge more than Rs.5 lakhs or Rs.10 lakhs.

Oviyaa, who debuted in the recent hit film 'Kalavaani', appears to have become the toast of many producers and has many offers on hand due to the success of her first film. Archana Kavi, yet to debut in the under-production 'Aravaan' by Vasanthabalan, is also courted by many producers and directors.


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