Selva talks about ‘Naanga’

"Illayaraja's music was an inseparable thing of life in the 1980s. We have brought back the maestro's magic in 'Naanga', a film set in 1985," says director Selva, who is launching 13 new faces in this film.
"Music director Balabarathi, who composed music for my first film 'Amaravathi', is scoring music for 'Naanga', which is my 25th venture. He has come out with beautiful songs which would take one to the 1980s," the filmmaker says.
On the storyline, he says, "the film starts in 2010 when old friends meet and recollect the memories of their college days. The screenplay travels back to the 1985 and throws light on some important incidents."
Talking about making a movie with new faces, Selva says, "freshers come with a lot of talent these days. They are young, energetic and are willing to do anything the director wants. Even Ajith was a new face when I worked with him in 'Amaravathi'."


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