Siddharth denies 3 Idiots offer

The casting drama for Tamil '3 Idiots' looks more dramatic than any recent pot boiler. It seems every one except the director and producer are interested in finalising casting combinations for the film soon.

When the news broke Vijay has been confirmed to play Aamir, the twists and turns in the casting story became more loyal to pulp fictions. Silambarasan who was thought to play Madhavan’s role openly antogonised Vijay fans with his childish statement saying he is not doing the film because Ajith fans may not like him working with Vijay.

Madhavan spent more time than required to deny his presence in the film. Now it is 'Boys' Siddharth's time to deny reports.

Today, a morning daily reported that Siddharth will be stepping into the shoes of Madhavan-Silambarasan as he is more than willing to do '3 Idiots' in Tamil because of his mentor Shankar. But later in the day Siddharth vehemently denied the report and categorically said he will not be doing the Tamil version.

What’s going on? Is the casting for the film that difficult?


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