Simbu’s top 10 Favorites

1) Simbhu is mad on football. Whenever he is in house he plays football on his play station for hours together.

2) Simbhu is not in the habit of speaking on the cell phone for hours together. He sends only SMSs. He does not want to waste his time speaking on the phone.

Simbus top 10 Favorites

3) Simbhu's lucky number is 6. All his car numbers are 6. At any cost he will somehow manage to get the number 6.

4) Simbhu has the habit of singing the songs of his forthcoming films in disco clubs before the audio launch. He will be able to find out the reception from the dance of youths.

5) Whenever there is problem during the shooting, Simbhu has the habit of taking one rupee and twenty five paise and pray for one minute closing his eyes and throwing it out. He has learnt this habit from his father.

6) Simbhu cheers the young kids by giving them chocolates. He will always have chocolates in his pocket.

Simbus top 10 Favorites

7) Simbhu has the habit of participating in the contests where winners are chosen by drawing the lots. He will definitely win a prize.

8. Simbhu is a night bird. He will involve himself in creative works connected with his films only in the nights. The songs Loosu Ponne and Where is the party was written by him during the nights.

9) Simbhu is regular in browsing the net daily. He is fond of replying his friends in the social network websites.

10) There should be definitely a non veg food item in his menu. He eats three times a day. He is not habit of eating snacks.


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