Sneha’s ten habits
Sneha likes designer clothes very much. She wears the dresses designed by her sister Sangeetha for the functions.

Though she has lot of modern dresses, she wears only sarees when she goes to temples.

Sneha does not like loneliness. She is very happy when her brothers and sister family are there with her.

Sister Sangeetha’s son Nithin is the close friend of Sneha. He calls Sneha as mummy.

Once in three months she rearranges and designs her bedroom with the help of the internet.

Whenever she gets time she likes to go around the city and eat street foods.

She is fond of Ilayaraja’s music. Once she is in the car, Ilayaraja’s songs will be there.

She distributes the jackfruits that grow in her farmhouse at Panruti to the houses of her close friends.

Whenever she gets a call from anyone, she will always ask.” How are you? “and then only she will converse with that person.

When she gets into the swimming pool, she will swim for at least an hour. She says that is the reason why her physique is trim.


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