Yuvan Shankar Raja Striking chords of Success

His name over the screens itself wins the applause and whistles just as a superstar would have it. The young legend picked the profession of music from his 16th age and today stands out to a prodigious degree as one of the finest music directors in South Asian music industry.
YSR   Striking chords of Success
At the time span of 13 years, Yuvan Shankar Raja has surpassed with more chartbusters in his bandwagon. Adhering to the vogues of any genres, the young musician has showcased his aesthetic spell in various musical styles.
Starting off his career with ‘Aravindan’, Yuvan Shankar Raja went ahead for a big strike with Ajith Kumar’s ‘Dheena’ followed by ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’, ‘Kadhal Kondein’, ‘7 G Rainbow Colony’, ‘Manmadhan’, ‘Ram’ and his success streak continues till the date with ‘Paiyaa’ and recent release ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’.
YSR is now acclaimed as CHINNA ISAIGNANI by his fans and of course, he deserves such greatest praises.
We as the members of Top10Cinema.com convey our heartiest birthday wishes and wish him for the best successes for all his ventures in years to come.


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