All is well with ‘Aravaan’

Amma Creations Siva is laughing at the reports saying difference of opinions between him and his director Vasanthabalan is affecting the progress of ‘Aravaan’. He says there's a lot of hard work involved in the making of the period film and they work closely to make the film realistic and so they have no time to quarrel.
'Aravaan' is set in the 17th century India and so the team is leaving no stone unturned to give that real period look for everything in the film. Vasanthabalan has selected 12 locations in south India which resemble the period.
Like wise the producer is also ordering special period costumes for the film. Siva said that he has ordered 5,000 dhotis and 3,000 sarees specially made from Erode and Karur.
The hero of the film Aadhi is also doing his part pretty well. Aadhi has not committed any other film in the past ten months and getting into the role with perfection. He works out six hours a day to get into that 17th century macho man’s shape.
All is well with the film and Vasanthabalan reassures Siva.


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