‘Endhiran’ attracts LOST Creator to India

The 'Endhiran' enthusiasm is visibly taking over USA. And that’s more than the crazy record breaking advance booking the film saw a few days ago. It’s more than that.

Damon Lindelof, the popular co-creator and executive producer for the television series 'Lost', is coming to India. And for what you know?

The famous writer has tweeted "Hello. I am on a plane to India. Why, you ask? Oh... it MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS!!!!," giving a link to the trailer of 'Endhiran' on the web.

While Lindelof has said his visit to India may have some thing to do with ‘Endhiran’, some sources say he may also double up the visit for discussing a huge budget film directed by Shankar and produced by Sun Pictures.

After unveiling ‘Endhiran’ it was everybody’s view that Sun Pictures is capable doing a Hollywood film by itself. Whatever it may be so. Hollywood and Damon Lindelof just could not resist ‘Endhiran’. Another first for Super Star.

Source: Indiaglitz


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