Bale Pandiya is all about Fun & Frolic
Designer-turned-filmmaker Siddarth keeps his fingers crossed as he has already received good feedbacks from his closer circle about his debut directorial 'Bale Pandiya'. It seems that Siddarth has already screened the film for his close associates and friends. Says Siddarth: 'They exactly reacted the way I had imagined to the scenes, especially the comedy sequences."

Speaking on Vishnu's characterization in this film, he adds, "He's a Loser and hasn't been successful at any point of his life. Usually, when we come across a person in some crazy discombobulations, we first laugh at him and later go for help. Vishnu's role is more of this sort…"

As we have already mentioned, the film is reported to be inspired from Hollywood movie 'I Hired a Contract Killer.'


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