Bale Pandiya - Movie Review
What makes Bale Pandiya special is its newfangled thread of storyline. The film’s protagonist blames himself as the unluckiest man in the whole world. Instantly, the similarities strike with Jean-Pierre Léaud’s characterization in Hollywood’s I Hired a Contract Killer and Akshay Kumar in Hindi movie Housefull. Naturally, these character share commonalities of addressing themselves as unlucky, Loser and are shown with their misadventures.

With his entire life filled with anxieties and misfortunes, Pandiya (Vishnu) decides to put an end to his life. Left with a sum of Rs. 10, 000 on hand, he offers a deal to city’s topmost contract killer AKP (Amar) to kill him. Surprised with such a crazy deal, AKP asks on his explanations that urged him from such decisions. There begins his loads of reasons that starts with his nanny lasting her breath while calling out his name followed by his first love failure and many more of that sort.

AKP himself experiences his bad fortune as he fails over a kidnap mission of a girl Vaishnavi (Piaa Bajpai). Finally, he assigns him to go as a human bomb into the event of National Police Conference to be held on 10th of next month. To make sure, Pandiya spends his last few days with no worries, he gifts him with a debit card worth Rs. 25 Lakhs, which will get expired on the same date. Sooner, Pandiya finds a new lease of life as he solves out his family problems and comes across a beautiful Vaishnavi (the same girl, who is to be kidnapped by AKP). Apparently, when the day of ending his life arrives, Pandiya decides to cancel the deal by explaining changes in his life. Soon as he arrives at his house along with Vaishnavi, they’re shocked to see AKP and his men brutally murdered. What unfolds next is a series of events that leaves Pandiya perplexed and situations gets worsened when Vaishnavi is kidnapped by a mysterious group.

Director Siddarth comes up with an interesting plot that proves to be a wholesome entertainer. The first half proceeds from Pandiya’s point of view out of which the lengthy illustrations in flashback sequences could have been trimmed. In fact, Siddarth could have delineated the protagonist’s misadventures over the title song itself. Rather, he tries implementing his creative quotients in cartoon animation. Vishnu deserves appreciations for his commendable performance as he seems to have put more efforts in emoting well to situations. Not to forget his astounding stunts and dancing abilities. Piaa looks cute and bubbly. Unfortunately, the film misses the essence of romantic feel and Siddarth should have delivered some prominence over this quotient. Vivek’s lengthy role throughout the film is fantastic. Thanks to Siddarth for having carried his character along with story and not in parallel tracks. Vivek appears as a London citizen and evokes laughter with his tracks and again they’re more off satirical liners. Amar as AKP is extraordinary and VJ turned actor Gibran as baddie takes off with a good start. Jayaprakash is disappointing and John Vijay sleepwalks through his role.

Devan Ekambaram’s musical score is mind-boggling as both songs and background score are colossal. The songs ‘Sirikiran’ and title song ‘Bale Pandiya’ wins the applause of audiences while ‘Happy’ featuring 20 playback singers has been shot fantastically. ‘Kangaley Kamalayam’ is a mellisonant duet pictured with finely elegant montages. Cinematography looks sleek and stylish.

20mins after intermission lags with sluggish screenplay and the pace picks-up with the kidnap of Piaa and Vishnu’s attempt to save her.

The final credits with newspaper headlines crediting the actors and technicians of this film are top-notching. Bale Pandiya has good chances of making it bigger in box office and Siddarth can attempt of remaking this film in Bollywood.

Verdict : Watching movie
Production: AGS Entertainment
Direction: Siddharth Chandrasekhar
Casts: Vishnu, Piaa Bajpai, Vivek, Jaya Prakash, John Vijay, Pradeep Rawat, Shamsundar Arsani and others.
Music: Devan Ekambaram
Rating: 3/5


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