Dhanush cured by Rafael Nadal

Dhanush is out of hospital bed. He recovered sooner than expected by the aces and back hands of Rafael Nadal. Wonder? Read on.

Recently Dhanush was down with fever and was hospitalized. The illness was so severe that he could not even participate fully at the wedding events of his sister-in-law Soundarya Rajinikanth. He was present for the wedding for some time but had to retire soon to the hospital. He could not even attend the reception ceremony.

But he has recovered faster than expected. One reason may be getting a lovely co-brother for company. Another is Rafael Nadal winning the US Open. While in hospital Dhanush had tweeted “Nadal’s victory is my only medicine!!”

Now that Nadal has won his first US Open title on Monday to complete his collection of Grand Slam titles, Dhanush is back to good health and will resume work fully in a matter of four weeks. Hail Rafael!


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