Endiran to release in 30 theatres in Chennai alone

Enthiran to release in 30 theatres in Chennai alone
Superstar Rajnikanth's 'Enthiran: The Robot', which is to release in more than 3000 cinema halls worldwide, will be released in about 30 cinema halls in Chennai alone, it is reported.  Sun Pictures, the producer of the mega-budget film, have spelt out the details of the halls in which the film would be releasing shortly.

The film would be released in three halls in Sathyam Complex, two in Devi Complex, three in the newly-opened Escape Complex, two in Inox Complex, four halls in Abirami Complex, two each in Sangam and Albert complexes, three in Udhayam complex, two in Kamala complex and in five halls in PVR cinemas besides in i-Dream and Maharani theatre.
In addition, 'Enthiran' would be available at theatres like Kasi, Brindha, Thyagaraja, Devi Karumari, Mayajaal Complex and Prarthana Complexes.  In Mayajaal alone, more than 60 shows are being planned in 10 screens on a single day.
The trailer of the film is all set to be released on Saturday, the 11th September.  It would be released at a grand function at the Sathyam Cinemas.  The film has been reportedly sold at record price in almost all the distribution circles and the total sales might cross several hundred crores of rupees, it is said.  When the official announcement about the sales is made, the whole entertainment industry in the country would be taken by shock, it is said.
The film is already dubbed in international media as India's answer to Hollywood's 'Avatar'.  The total collection of the film's ticket sales is expected to net a whopping Rs.1600 crores, it is estimated.  The monumental and unprecedented expectations, sales and everything connected with the film is attributed to the single factor which is Rajnikanth, industry-watchers agree!


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