‘Endhiran’ festivity starts in Mumbai

'Endhiran' mania has gripped the whole of India and Mumbai proves it in its own way. A famous theatre in Mumbai has closed down to refurbish itself to screen the million dollar Rajinikanth film on October 1.
Mumbai's famous theatre Aurora in the Matunga area has shut down on September 19 to wear that festive look at the time of release. This was done assuming the film would release on September 24. But now the wait for another week has not deterred the management.
The theatre owner believes it’s only fair. The owner says a Rajini release is like God descending on earth and so all is worth the efforts for the festivities.
The point here to note is that a commercially well running Bollywood film ‘Dabangg’ was taken out to facilitate the renovation acts. Such is the power of the Super Star. Here, there and anywhere.

Source: Indiaglitz


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