How many songs in ‘Va Quarter Cutting’?

How many songs in Va Quarter Cutting?

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No doubt that 'Va Quarter Cutting' is about the incidents that happen in a single night, a story that might not have much scope for songs. But this has not stopped directors Pushkar-Gayathri to opt for five numbers.

If sources are to be believed, the music album of the film, which will be released later today, will have four straight numbers and a remix. "G V Prakash Kumar is at its best in Va…", they say.

"The music composer himself has sung three songs in the album thanks to a request from the directors as they felt his voice suited the lead character (Shiva). All the songs have come out really well", sources maintain.

One more interesting thing about the album is that Shiva has penned lyrics for a funny number, whose starting words are 'Saudi Baasha…' "Besides, each character in the movie could be identified with different music", add sources.


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