Meera Jasmine to marry soon

Musician Mandolin Rajesh has said that his marriage with Meera Jasmine will not be delayed anymore and it was up to Meera to make that decision whether she wants to act or not post wedding.

Meera Jasmine to marry soon?

Participating in a television programme along with his illustrious brother Mandolin Srinivas, Rajesh confirmed his relationship with the actress. "Our parents have supported Rajesh's decision", said Srinivas.

Though there were reports in the media that the actress and the musician have been going steady for quite some time, this is perhaps for the first time for Rajesh to comment on his relationship with Meera at a public forum.

It is said that the lovers would enter wedlock soon with the blessings of elders from both the families. "It is unlikely for Meera to act post marriage. However, she will make a decision soon", sources say.


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