The story of ’18 Vayasu’

After hogging the limelight with the critically acclaimed 'Renigunta', director Panneerselvam is now busy with his next project, titled '18 Vayasu'. Interestingly, Johnny, one of the protagonists of 'Renigunta', is the hero of this film.
The story of 18 Vayasu
"Today's lifestyle has changed a lot. From the way youngsters fall in love to the way they express it, everything has changed. Things are determined by technology these days. This is the knot of my story," he says.
The filmmaker adds: "18 Vayasu is about the experiences of an 18-year-old boy. His feelings will be portrayed in a realistic and interesting way. Johnny is apt for the role while Gayathri, a new face, is the heroine."
Saying that he is introducing a female comedian in this film, Panneerselvam adds: "But there is no separate comedy track. Humour would go along with story. '18 Vayasu' is a mix of seriousness and humour. Everyone can enjoy it."


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