Vikram, Vijay & Anil Kapoor with ’24′ fever

Don't expect these names to appear together in the same film and it's about the same name for two different shows. Obviously, Vikram Kumar of 'Yaavarum Nalam' fame had his project '24' proposed to actor Vikram, which didn't take off at last moment. There are hums about Vikram Kumar working on same project with some changes suiting actor Vijay.

And there's another '24' that is creating more waves on global standards. The American TV series '24' happens to be No.1 TV show, which is wildly watched by major portion of World's population (sparring Saas-Bahu viewers in India). The TV serial records the 24 hrs of federal agent Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) produced by Fox Network and Syndicated Worldwide. The season 8 has Anil Kapoor enacting the role of President Omar Hassan belonging to a fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan, who visits US for a peace conference with President of United States.

It's worth mentioning that '24' haps to be highly sold and rented home video in Chennai and with the biggest expectations on this Season 8, the producers have decided to air the episodes in AXN Channel from Monday till Thursday at 11 p.m.


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